Love Lariat!

Artist kakao (75)
Parody Original Work (13,743)
Publisher FAKKU (11,626)
Published 20 June 2024
Pages 207
Favorites 590
Tags ahegao (4,133) big areolae (198) blowjob (6,709) book (203) busty (9,236) creampie (10,229) facial (156) femdom (1,151) fingering (2,253) handjob (1,617) heart pupils (3,170) hentai (12,826) kogal (805) light hair (1,683) maid (466) mating press (669) nurse (174) paperback (38) pubic hair (4,445) schoolgirl outfit (4,025) sportswear (224) story arc (1,194) swallowing (134) swimsuit (1,048) tomboy (501) twintails (1,939) uncensored (12,932) vanilla (4,854)
Description Get Dominated by the Cutest in the World! Shenanigans are going on at Wanigaoka Academy's Swim Club and team club manager, Morino, is about to let the secret slip. He's not only sleeping with two of its star athletes, Ooaki and Haruwaka, but he thinks that Fuyumura, the stone-cold stunner of the pool, has found out his secret. Fearing he's corrupting the club, Ooaki has a genius plan to break this deadlock. Morino hides silently in a locker and shockingly sees Ooaki and Fuyumura passionately pressed against each other! But Ooaki tags in the rock-hard and ready Morino. So after overcoming some awkwardness, Fuyumura is ready to deliver a max power love bomb that'll leave him stunned. Let's hope the team's captain doesn't find out or he'll suffer the wrath of her glamorous strong-style! Love Lariat! by kakao is the ultimate showstopper of intense sex and thirst-trapping maneuvers! You'll let your guard down with their dazzling eyes, and once they see an opening, our heroines fight dirty using devastating curves and their plump peach attacks to slam their mark onto the bed for a five-star workout! With nine chapters entering the fray, on top of a double-sided cover, and an exclusive book chapter, kakao delivers an elegant lariat that'll knockout readers with a decisive pin! Paperback ships in Winter 2025 Chapters will become available starting June 27 4pm PST Downloads will be available July 4 4pm PST