The Daddy Trap

Artist Maemuki na Doemu (16)
Circle Otousan no Kurorekishi (16)
Parody Original Work (13,743)
Publisher Irodori Comics (1,619)
Published 17 June 2024
Pages 45
Favorites 12
Tags ahegao (4,133) anal (1,352) blowjob (6,709) bondage (719) condom (1,678) doujin (2,595) eyebrows (836) heart pupils (3,170) hentai (12,826) light hair (1,683) love hotel (820) males only (53) uncensored (12,932) x-ray (7,447) yaoi (169)
Description Yagi is a player who's easily bored, so he gets his thrills from charming the pants off every man who catches his eye and then dropping him for the next conquest. When he accidentally matches with a narcissistic higher-up at his company on a dating app, he's totally bummed, but not only does Akogawa turn out to be an easy target, his bratty yet naive attitude makes him almost too fun of a toy for Yagi to give up…