My Friend's Dad's a Hunk 7: The Vacant House - Part 1

Artist Chabashira Tatekichi (6)
Circle Ocha Ocha Honpo (6)
Parody Original Work (13,743)
Publisher Irodori Comics (1,619)
Published 7 August 2023
Pages 40
Favorites 6
Tags ahegao (4,133) blowjob (6,709) doujin (2,595) eyebrows (836) hentai (12,826) males only (53) masturbation (1,185) muscles (644) no sex (225) pubic hair (4,445) story arc (1,194) uncensored (12,932) yaoi (169)
Description It’s been weeks since their last rendezvous, and Takumi’s body aches for Yuusuke’s touch. When Yuusuke finally does contact him, Takumi immediately agrees to help Yuusuke clean a vacant house relatives will be moving into soon. They go in, and Yuusuke lays it out. He wants Takumi to aim for something better, but Takumi hates the idea. Yuusuke’s resolve finally crumbles and he warns Takumi, “If ya don’t stop me now, we will be going all the way…”