My Friend's Dad's a Hunk 6

Artist Chabashira Tatekichi (6)
Circle Ocha Ocha Honpo (6)
Parody Original Work (13,743)
Publisher Irodori Comics (1,619)
Published 4 August 2023
Pages 51
Favorites 6
Tags ahegao (4,133) bathroom (365) blowjob (6,709) christmas (71) doujin (2,595) eyebrows (836) hentai (12,826) males only (53) muscles (644) no sex (225) pubic hair (4,445) story arc (1,194) uncensored (12,932) yaoi (169)
Description It’s the Christmas special! Takumi works up the courage to ask Yuusuke for a romantic Christmas Eve dinner and he agrees. The day comes and Takumi is so pumped up, he shows up an hour early. An hour passes. Then another. Then a third, and finally a fourth. Yuusuke finally calls Takumi back, drunk as a skunk, and shows up in a Santa costume. His present? Gross. Gratitude? Zero. Remorse? None. “Come with me, Yuuske”, exclaims a frustrated Takumi as he drags Yuusuke into a bathroom. He turns to face him in a stall and says, “it’s time for a little punishment”…