My Friend's Dad's a Hunk 5

Artist Chabashira Tatekichi (6)
Circle Ocha Ocha Honpo (6)
Parody Original Work (13,743)
Publisher Irodori Comics (1,619)
Published 2 August 2023
Pages 44
Favorites 6
Tags ahegao (4,133) christmas (71) doujin (2,595) eyebrows (836) fingering (2,253) handjob (1,617) hentai (12,826) males only (53) muscles (644) no sex (225) story arc (1,194) uncensored (12,932) yaoi (169)
Description Takumi accidentally bumps into Yuusuke while he’s out shopping. Seeing how much Takumi’s carrying, Yuusuke offers to give him a ride home. One thing leads to another and Takumi ends up lending Yuusuke a helping hand in securing a Christmas present while they’re parked in a parking garage. Yuusuke then returns the favor by giving him a special Christmas present that goes beyond a helping hand…