My Friend's Dad's a Hunk 3 & 4

Artist Chabashira Tatekichi (6)
Circle Ocha Ocha Honpo (6)
Parody Original Work (13,743)
Publisher Irodori Comics (1,619)
Published 8 July 2023
Pages 23
Favorites 6
Tags doujin (2,595) eyebrows (836) handjob (1,617) hentai (12,826) males only (53) masturbation (1,185) muscles (644) no sex (225) pubic hair (4,445) uncensored (12,932) yaoi (169)
Description Yuusuke offers to show Akira and Takumi some “adult summer fun.” Curious, they agree…but find themselves at a public pool. While Akira is distracted with a girl, a kid runs off with Yuusuke’s bathing suit. Takumi fetches it and brings it to a waiting Yuusuke in a bathroom stall. Yuusuke pulls Akira in with him and says that he needs to wash himself up before getting back in…